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Muse interior design– interior design company based in Dubai.

Muse interior design LLC is specialized in providing stunning and exceptional interior design services that include creative space planning, 3D rendering, detailed drawings, material selection, and project supervision for both residential and elegant commercial projects in the Middle East region. We provide complete interior design solutions for all kinds of interior spaces. Muse interior design provides all kinds of interior and exterior decoration work for residential and commercial projects. With our highly skilled European team, we present ourselves with professional, accurate, and on time fittings. We also offer cost effective solutions related to installations.
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From Sketch to Reality
Michael Dudnyk
Alfred Nobel University,
Head of company and project consultant
tel., WhatsApp/IMO: +971 55 73 45 675
Stanislava Rudas-Dudnyk
International Academy of Design and Arts Graduate,
Designers Union Member,
Architect-designer, author and head of the studio projects.
Euroluce 2017

Isaloni 2017

Design Interior. Muse interior design

The quality of life and spiritual wholeness of your very existence heavily relies on the environment. Colors, forms, and comfortability – all these factors define how we live and what we feel. Your mood and subsequently life success depends on whether you rest in a stress-free space. Modern design interior is a form of art that fuses together various aspects of décor and functionality in order to create great engaging places to live and work in.

Endless Styles and Possibilities

Any interior design studio must focus on creating environments that look pretty and fulfil multiple purposes at once. Contemporary designs of the interior are complex projects that try to embed function into a pleasantly looking form.
What can you change in your life by hiring an architecture and interior design company to remodel your house or office?
• Kitchen renovation. Modern kitchens must be lived in places that allow for efficient clean cooking and provide enough space to accommodate all family members during dining times. At the same time, modern kitchens must seamlessly incorporate contemporary technological solutions.
• Living rooms. There are many styles of creating a spacious beautiful living room turning it into a place for both resting and entertainment. Top interior design companies offer vastly varying design solutions so that you could choose something that suits your requirements.
• Bedrooms. A scientifically proved fact: your brain is aware of the environment even when you sleep. This means that creating a comfortable stress-free bedroom is essential for life quality. There are many interior design websites that showcase incredible, rich, luxurious bedrooms, but they often lack personality and functionality. We will focus on fusing appearance and function to create a unique bedroom.
• Offices. The efficiency of work depends on many factors including interior. A relaxing interior with lots of corporate symbolism used to make a strong visual impact will allow both employees and clients feel better.
Interior of any room can be improved massively by using proper modern design solutions that allows to significantly expand the living space and add to its functionality. If you want to dramatically change the environment you live and work in, hire a capable interior design studio.

Design Studio Interiors — Live a Better Life

Muse interior Design studio offers you a plethora of outstanding design ideas that will flip your mind and leave you speechless. A personal touch from a skilled and experienced artist will most certainly be exactly what you need to elevate your lifestyle and create a better environment for successful life and career.
While many commercial interior design firms focus on a multitude of common “advantages” that should be norms such as reliability and reasonable prices, we emphasize the importance of personality and try to create interiors that unionize functionality and style. We make sure that every single project is unique and tailored for your individuality.
Living a better life is not just a figure of speech it is something that can be done. Entrust your environment to professionals and you will not be disappointed. Choose from a vast variety of options and learn more about endless possibilities from our manager!