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Interior design

Discover interiors, produced by our company. We are working with different styles, such as classic, modern, loft, contemporary. During design developing we are using only existing materials and furniture, for its full implementation in the real project.


Finishing works

Muse interior design studio is providing the most skilled experts, who perform repair and finishing works. During repairing Muse interior designadhere to the principles of clean and high-quality work carried out within the specified period. The best technology and advanced materials are used in our projects.



Our experts are providing assistance in furniture purchasing from the best luxury manufacturers. Muse interior design cooperating with Turri, Fendi, Visionnaire, Francesco Molon, Volpi, Cortezari, Sicis, Ferre and many other famous brands. We purchase furniture directly from the factory, as well as carry out its installation on the site.



Exclusive European textiles and wallpapers from legendary manufactures. Fabric and wallpapers are created by world-famous designers, whose collections are presented online and can be seen during your visit to our showroom.



Landscaping is always a harmonious blend of architectural forms, embossed lines, layout and greenery. It is convenient system of engineering solutions. Proper planning can make your garden unique and peaceful.



House Designers

Result-oriented, sharp-minded, and incredibly creative – these are defining traits of a modern interior designer. Contemporary living and working areas demand a tremendous attention to details and willingness to innovate. Interior design services include various processes such as planning, preparing documentation, and actual work on the site.

Professional Interior Designer with History of Success

If you want to work with a specialist that has a multitude of certificates and baths in recognition, look no further. Stanislava Rudas-Dudnyk is an accomplished architecture and interior designer. She graduated from a famed Kharkiv State Academy of Design and Fine Arts and continued her continuous hunt for knowledge by enlisting in the International Academy of Design and Arts. After entering a Designers Union, she continued her career by working on some of the biggest projects in Dubai.
One of Stanislava’s best traits is that she tries to incorporate something personal in each of her works which makes every single project feel unique and special. By utilizing her experience and creativity to the fullest extent, Stanislava creates astonishing artwork. If you need an interior designer, St. Design will be your most perfect choice.
There are several pivotal aspects of the creative process:
• Individuality. Each and every project is something that has personality and soul. Architecture and interior design developed to a point where everyone can be “good”, but only separate individuals can transcend standards and triviality to create something truly unique.
• Versatility. Some of the best interior designers and decorators work together with Stanislava. The team is ready to develop any solution regardless of size and specifics of the project. St. Design is ready to work with private real estate, corporate offices, and retail stores.
• Wholesome ideas. Every single project is done through meticulous planning and countless iterations of the idea until a perfect blend of functionality and beauty is achieved. There is little value in an interior that does not account for functionality and comfortability.
• Punctuality. The best contemporary interior designers not only create unique engaging solutions but also get everything done in a timely manner. If you believe that time is money, you will be more than satisfied to work with us.
Pricing is another delicate manner that St. Design handles in a very tactful way. Every single project is unique and we treat like one. Over the course of years, a flexible pricing system was developed and fully implemented in our corporate routines.

Our Goals and Philosophy

Like many other good interior designers, Stanislava wants to enrichen the craft and bring something new to the table. Using new materials, implementing exciting ideas, and searching for something absolutely new every single day – these are main general goals for St. Design.
We believe that every single room deserves better. Even our own designs polished to perfection can be improved. A perfect interior simply does not exist, but we try our hardest to make sure that our solutions are as close to genuine perfection as possible. With decades of experience behind our backs and strong leadership from Michael Dudnyk and Stanislava Rudas-Dudnyk, we are ready to conquer new heights in our domain!
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