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Residential and commercial interior design

House Interior and Decoration

There is nothing more satisfying than spending a vacation or even living in a luxurious villa where every room is designed to serve a purpose and has defined functionality. St. Design offers you a unique opportunity to turn your villa design ideas into a comfortable living space.
We worked on a multitude of projects that demanded attention to details and incredible creativity. Every single project in our interior design portfolio was an amalgamation of various design elements and crazy ideas balanced out by efficient solutions in terms of functionality. If you check interior design photos featured in our interior portfolio, you will find a plethora of great ideas that were turned into reality.

Be Creative! Art Design Villas

There are various ways to combine together interior and décor in a tasteful way. There are several key aspects that you should consider when planning a total overhaul of your house interior.
• Individuality. As we constantly repeat, personality is something that should be a part of your house. Every single room must somehow mirror you and your lifestyle choices.
• Style. Luxury interior design with lots of expensive furniture and amazing decorations is not always the right way to go. Choosing a style that fits your life and reflect your own philosophy is a much more satisfying way of changing your interior.
• Functionality. Do not forget that every room has a distinct purpose and its contents must serve this purpose. A truly comfortable living room must have a sufficient amount of furniture and well-placed TV-sets, windows, and other functional elements.
We can offer you a wide variety of options, but you must know what you want to receive in the end. Do not feel limited! Go crazy and think of a perfect place that makes you feel happy. We will find a way to make it real!